Making Magic: Fun Ways to Build Anticipation for the Tooth Fairy’s Visit

Tooth fairy fun!

So many firsts!

Children are full of firsts. That first bath, the first steps, that first tooth, the first day of school, and eventually that first loose tooth! With every first comes memories, traditions, and plenty of smiles. When it comes to oral health, it can sometimes be a challenge to make it fun, but when it comes to the magic of that first loose tooth and the tooth fairy, the options are truly endless! 

The Exciting Visitor

Did you know that the tooth fairy is not a fairy in many countries, and is often depicted as an animal? France and Belgium have le petite souris (the little mouse), while in Korea and Brazil, a bird comes to collect the lost tooth. But one thing that is for sure, is the tooth fairy is always depicted as a magical being who possesses the power to spirit away teeth, even when they are securely stowed under a pillow.

Don’t be afraid to hype up the tooth fairy’s incoming arrival. Losing that first tooth can sometimes be a little scary for a child, so knowing that it is an exciting event can go a long way to helping them relax and get that tooth out. 

Hey, tooth fairy! Don’t forget to prepare!

When it comes to kids, there’s one thing that is certain: they don’t stick to schedules! It’s completely possible that the loss of that first tooth can completely catch you by surprise. You might not have everything ready to become the tooth fairy! To help you prepare, why not make a stash of little fairy treats in advance? Keep it stowed away in the back corner of a closet, somewhere the little ones won’t ever think to check. That way, when the time comes, you’re ready to make the magic happen!

Enchanting Bedtime Routines

Wondering when to start that magic flair? Sometimes bedtime is the best time. Read some enchanting books about the tooth fairy to introduce the idea to your little one. If you’re feeling especially creative, why not add some flair? Maybe this fairy requires a special pillow for the tooth to stay in overnight? It’s easier to sneak that tooth away if it’s in a little pocket on their nightstand instead of under that pillow. 

Tooth Fairy Countdown

When that tooth starts getting a little wiggly, why not introduce a countdown? Remind your child that the countdown ends when the tooth is officially out, but it’s a good estimate. Put a sticker on the calendar for each day they work that tooth out, or decorate strips of paper to make a garland. Each circle represents one day.  


As your child is eagerly anticipating the tooth fairy’s arrival, now is the time to get the space ready. Tape shiny decor to the door to welcome the tooth fairy to the space, write the tooth fairy a little note, filled with jokes, or just the story of the tooth. You and your child could even set up a doll-sized bed just for the tooth fairy to take a nap. 

Exciting Morning!

No one ever forgets the moment you wake up to see the tooth fairy came to visit you overnight. You practically dive out of bed to check the pillow. Is the tooth still there? What did the tooth fairy bring you? As soon as you find the inevitable treat, you race through the house like a tornado to show your parents.

Now that you’re the tooth fairy, you still feel every ounce of excitement when it comes to the tooth fairy’s visit. Your little one attacks you with squeals of excitement, holding up their prize. You’re bound to feel the excitement right along with them! Take those photos, write a thank-you note to the tooth fairy, and if the prize is money, go on a little shopping trip!

Soak in all of those firsts, even the first loose tooth. Enjoy every moment of it. Decorate the room, write little letters, and create the perfect plan. Let your imagination run wild! It’s going to be a magical time that both you and your children will remember for years to come.

We are always here for you.

As official partners of the tooth fairy, we are here to take care of your child and their teeth, no matter what stage they are in. If they are still working on those baby teeth, we’re here to help maintain that adorable smile. If they have a mouth full of permanent teeth, we are here to keep those teeth healthy and strong for years to come. Never hesitate to give us a call or make an appointment online. We look forward to taking care of those smiles!