A Well-Aligned Bite


A healthy smile isn’t just one that is beautiful; it’s also one that ensures proper form and function. Malalignment prevents the mouth and jaw from functioning correctly. A poorly aligned bite can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the teeth. Headaches and jaw pain are some of the most common symptoms, but chewing, nutrition, and speech can also be affected. These all have a big impact on a child’s everyday life.

A well-aligned bite is important for everyone, but especially our young patients. The great news is that orthodontic treatments are available to fix these problems. Orthodontic care straightens the teeth, fixes alignment issues, and ensures that the mouth and jaw function correctly and comfortably. This will give your child the best start to life and sets them up for optimal oral health.

Orthodontic Evaluations


In an orthodontic evaluation, we assess your child’s teeth and jaws to check for crowding, aesthetics, and bite issues. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that each child has an orthodontic evaluation by age 7.

If your child’s dentist identifies any issues, they will provide you with information about possible treatment options. Once you decide the best course of action for your child and treatment begins, our team will closely monitor progress to ensure your child achieves their best possible smile.

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My son's first visit was amazing, front staff were super sweet, dental nurse was amazing with him. Both dentist and assistant were informative and provided great care. They were gentle and spoke to him in a caring manner so he would understand.




When a child has crooked teeth, overcrowding, or spaces, we may recommend braces. Braces help by shifting the teeth into the correct places to straighten and transform their smile over time. It requires commitment, both from parents and children, but you can be confident that our team will support you with after-care instructions and help every step of the way. Braces are not an overnight solution. It does take time—sometimes up to two years. But the results can be life-changing, especially for a young person who is self-conscious about their imperfect smile. The gift of orthodontic treatment will not only give them a well-aligned bite but also boost their self-esteem.

Clear Aligners


Clear aligners are a popular alternative to traditional braces. Some patients are self-conscious of the metal brackets and wires, and cleaning around braces can be challenging. Clear aligners offer a more subtle look and are definitely a popular choice among our teen patients. Aligners are designed to be removed before meals, so there are no drastic changes to diet required. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Whether aligners are the best orthodontic solution for your child will very much depend on the type of treatment indicated by their orthodontic evaluation.

Space Maintainers


Space maintainers are dental appliances used to hold the spaces left by the premature loss of baby teeth. These devices are only required if the baby tooth has fallen out (e.g., from a fall or other accident) before the permanent tooth has emerged. Many people wonder why holding the space is necessary when the baby teeth are supposed to fall out eventually anyway. However, when there is a gap and no permanent tooth pushing through, the surrounding teeth can shift over time. Even a subtle shift can make a big impact on a child’s future oral health. Permanent teeth may emerge in the wrong places as a result. Space maintainers play an important role in keeping all of the surrounding teeth in correct alignment.

Palatal Expanders


As the name suggests, palatal expanders are used to widen the palate. This is necessary when a child has overcrowding and insufficient space. Essentially, the palatal expander makes more room through small adjustments over time. Patients often wear palatal expanders prior to braces while their mouth and jaws are still growing, around age 7 or 8. Expansion may take longer in teenage patients as their bones are more developed.

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My son's first visit was amazing, front staff were super sweet, dental nurse was amazing with him. Both dentist and assistant were informative and provided great care. They were gentle and spoke to him in a caring manner so he would understand.


There are options for that unexpected dental procedure.

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